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2021Mar 13,Hong Kong,Citizens queue for tested for Coronavirus (COVID-19) at a Community Testing Centre in Hong Kong.


Have you ever imagined that unbearable and tragedy exist in our modern society in Hong Kong? Absolutely, you may say no to that but there is exist in our society. So let me tell you that story and look at the following story closely.

“It truly exists in our society. I felt unbelievable about it because I felt shocked by the following situation for Covid-19:

The atmosphere there was heartbroken and all I saw were corpses. And it was unbelievable that they were filled in there (hospital). It was a situation that I had not met before. It was incredibly sad and tragic. Should it not exist there?​

Why does it exist there? I can’t believe it. But the most unbearable was that there were many patients who from Covid-19 needed to stay with them. How is the situation serious and pathetic? Most outrageous that was three patients who were assisted with breathing equipment were lying in bed, and their bed was filled with body bags with corpses. One of which had as many as six.

The epidemic has not only made battle beds full, but the number of corpses waiting to be processed has also exceeded the capacity of hospital mortuaries.

Accident and emergency room patients have co-existed with corpses or even “corpses on top of each other. “Also, elderly people only can sleep on the ground or sleep on the stretcher borrowed from the ambulance. And that situation had made the emergency room turn morgue “like a battlefield”. How uncomfortable when you read that story? Life and death are so pitiful.


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