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Let’s Make a Change Today.


Project Need See Seed is the thematic objective of the Deeper Life Foundation. Our passion is to respond to society's problems by measuring general social needs and responding to policy needs and objectives. Several problems exist amongst immigrants, there are struggles within certain societies, families have needs, the elderly need care as they catch up with age, Youth needs to be occupied with plans to sustain our world, and Education can improve with better teaching skills and the environment. The program needs to catch the required target, while adaptability, compatibility, and methodology can stem from the planner's track record, and initiative, while poor capacity or capability can be grown. We need your support and kind giving to sustain needed interventions.

DLF – Integrated Schools for Kindergarten and Primary

We can have an integrated approach to learning. Children need not be angry at school; we can sustain interest in learning. We can celebrate diversity of curriculum and diversity of ideas, appreciate sustainability, strengthen STEM, create inventors, help students with disabilities, teach immigrants as if they are in their own countries and earn all that is abroad at the same time. We can draw children who are out of school for several reasons. Our integrated approach is going to be the first of its kind as the planners and innovators have a track record both in planning interventions and structuring learning outcomes. 

Relief for Myanmar

We have established free food centres in Myanmar before; we have brought up poor children without subsistence, assist to teach kids who are out of school and given hope to families in diverse ways. In this time of Covid-19, you need to strengthen our efforts to continue to push our programs to bring relief to the biting needs in Myanmar where we have loved ones and established facilities for care. We have thousands of justified request for support . Care the way we do!